University Marketing and Communications

Electronic Communications Procedures


The University recognizes the important role electronic (or email) communications play in providing news, announcements, and event information to the campus community in a timely fashion.

The University is also aware that the overuse of email communications can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the communication. To help in that effort, three communication vehicles aimed at different audiences and outcomes are available to members of the Butler community. Those three vehicles are the Connection, all-campus listserv email, and branded email.

The Connection

The online newsletter the Connection is the primary e-communication tool for the Butler University community. The Connection is distributed Monday-Friday throughout the academic year and on Tuesdays and Thursdays during holiday, semester, and summer breaks. The Connection is distributed after 7 a.m.


The Connection includes messages from academic and administrative departments, and recognized student organizations about the following:

  • Announcements, including congratulatory notices and condolences for members of the Butler community.
  • Event information.
  • Videos created by members of the Butler community.
  • Classifieds items for sale.

Submitting Information

Items for the Connection must be submitted through the online forms. Submissions must be received by 1 p.m. the previous business day to be included in the next edition.

Announcements can run twice on non-consecutive days. Announcements regarding event information will run once under "Announcements" and under "Today's Events" the day of the event. All posted items will remain accessible through the Connection archives.

All-Campus Listserv Emails

An all-campus listserv email is a stand-alone message that can be sent to any of the following audiences: all faculty; all staff (including Board of Trustees); all students; a combination of the three previously mentioned; or everyone (the entire Butler community--all faculty, staff, and students).


All-campus listserv emails are reserved for urgent messages that provide critical information to members of the campus community in a direct manner.

These may include:

  • Messages concerning emergency, health, and safety situations.
  • Major computer or network alerts.
  • Messages pertaining to matters of University-wide policy.
  • Personnel appointments for the following positions: University President, Provost, and Vice Presidents.
  • Messages regarding information that all members of the campus community or a particular population must know and the Connection is not an appropriate vehicle (e.g., benefit changes, curriculum changes, financial information, etc.).

Messages not related to the above topic areas should be submitted to the Connection.

Submitting Information

Requests for all-campus listserv emails meeting aforementioned content requirements will be accepted only from members of the President's Cabinet, in writing or verbally, to the Marketing and Communications staff.

All-campus listserv emails about emergency or safety situations can be requested by the Executive Director of Public Safety or his/her designee.

Requests for all-campus listserv emails can be submitted by email to or by phone to (317) 940-9351.

Branded Email

A branded email is a stand-alone HTML communication using the Delivra software product.


A branded email may be used for the following situations:

  • Messages sent from the president's office.
  • Messages sent to groups outside of the campus community.
  • Messages sent to a specific sub-group* of the Butler community.

*Branded emails are not intended for messages going only to one or more of the University's three major internal groups (i.e., all faculty, all staff, or all students). Messages to these internal groups should be submitted for inclusion in the Connection or, if it meets the content criteria, as an all-campus listserv email.

Submitting Information

Requests for branded emails will be accepted only from members of the President's Cabinet, in writing or verbally, to the Marketing and Communications staff.

Requests for branded emails can be submitted by email to or by phone to (317) 940-8029.


Updated: 01/13