Print Reserves

Faculty members of Butler University may request that library owned or personal materials be placed on Reserve at Irwin Library. Please fill out the Reserve Request Form and submit the form and materials to the Circulation Department.

The Reserve Request Form cannot be accepted unless it is filled out COMPLETELY. This means full citation information for each item you need placed on reserve. In addition, due to the large numbers of requests that we process, we cannot accept course syllabi as substitutes for a completed Reserve Request Form.

  • Download the Print Reserves Form in Word now.
    Note: To save a document, right-click (with a PC) and choose "Save Target As..."
  • If you are having problems, you can use the PDF Form and print it out.
  • Submit Reserve Form and your materials to a staff member at the Irwin Library Circulation Desk and contact Laina Ridenour ( with any questions.

We place the following materials on Reserve:

  • Books, Scores, CDs, DVDs, LP records and other materials owned by Butler University Libraries (except reference books that can only be used in the library, or archived materials that can only be used in the Rare Books Room).
  • Personally recorded copies of multimedia reserve materials (e.g., DVDs or CDs) are discouraged. When possible, library-owned copies should be placed on reserve. In the event the library does not own a copy, every attempt will be made to acquire a library copy. If you would like the library to purchase material that supports your class, please contact your Library Liaison.
  • Photocopies of journal/magazine articles and book excerpts from the Libraries' collection (supplied by faculty).
  • Solution manuals, instructional manuals, handbooks, supplements to textbooks (supplied by faculty).
  • Course syllabi, lecture notes, sample exams, may be placed on Print Reserves (supplied by faculty).

Materials that may not be placed on reserve include materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan and DVD rentals from Netflix, Blockbuster, or other video stores.

Print Reserves Policy

The Butler University Libraries' policy for the Print Reserves service is derived from the fair use provisions of United States Copyright Act, Title 17. We make every effort to ensure that submissions are in compliance with the spirit of the law.

Guidelines for Reserves

  • If you need Print Reserves to be available for student use by a specific date, please be sure to submit them at least 48 hours in advance (M - F).
  • If materials are needed by a specific date, please indicate that date on the form instead of writing ASAP.
  • Same-day requests are processed on a first-come first-served basis and usually take at least 48 hours to process (longer during busy times).
  • Reserve requests submitted without a Reserve Request Form may take longer than a week to process (dependent upon if we are able to contact the submitter for clarification).
  • While we do not pose any restriction on the quantity of Reserves requested, we recommend faculty to keep library-owned Reserve books for each course within 25 items. Following this guideline ensures that other patrons have access to library-owned materials.
  • Materials may be placed on Reserve for assigned class readings, not for suggested readings, browsing, or other casual use. The Reserve service is for faculty only, not students or graduate students.
  • The library is not responsible for photocopied pages that are taken from folders. However, we are happy to replace missing pages if we have access to the original material. The library is not responsible for any damage made to personal materials due to normal use. If special handling is required please indicate so on the reserve form.
  • To ensure controlled use, please select a Loan Period on the Reserve Request Form. Choose from: 24 Hour or Closed/4 Hour loan periods.
  • Give students the same bibliographic information as entered on the Reserves Form.
  • Unless specified on the Reserve Request Form, all items will be removed from the Reserve collection at the end of each semester.


Last updated January 14, 2013.