Irwin Library Fax Policy


  • The fax machine is only for CURRENT Butler Students, staff, and faculty to send faxes. Verification: Patrons will need to show their ID card or be looked up in the WMS system.
  • Patrons are REQUIRED TO WAIT for their fax to be processed. Due to privacy concerns we cannot allow patrons to leave a fax and come back for it later.
  • We do not charge for any faxes.  This includes long distance or international faxes.
  • A confirmation page will print out at the end of the fax and can be given to the patron. 
  • The number of pages sent in one request and the number of fax numbers sent to are subject to staff discretion (i.e., desk staffing, pending assignments, etc). A good rule of thumb is one large mutli-page fax (10+ pages) to any one fax number or a small fax (approximately five pages) to no more than five different fax numbers.


  • Faxes can be sent to (317) 940-9498 (Irwin Library Information Commons Desk) or (317) 940-9519 (Science Library).
  • The intended recipient of the fax should be clearly noted.
  • Circulation Staff will notify the recipient of a fax via email.
  • Once notified, the recipient will have 48 hours to pick up their fax from the circulation desk. Faxes not picked up within 48 hours of notification will be shredded.
  • Please contact the circulation desk at (317) 940-9227 (Irwin) or (317) 940-9401 (Science) with any questions or to confirm a fax has been received.

 *Please note the Library reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time.


Last updated November 20, 2012.