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Recommended Readings (March 2013)

Need a good book? Take a look at the recommendations below. This page is designed to highlight readings suggested by people in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. We've created this site because expressing our enthusiasm for a favorite book is a wonderful way to share ideas, to stimulate discussion, and to simply embrace a love of reading. We hope you will find this useful in your search for a good book!

Watching -the -Dark 50

Watching the Dark, by Peter Robinson, William Morrow/Harper Collins, 2012 - Reviewed by Larry Riggs

Part of the appeal of Robinson's Alan Banks mysteries, for me, is the landscape of the North Yorkshire moors and dales in which much of Banks' work is done. In this latest entry, the 20th Banks novel, however, Banks spends a good deal of time in Talinn, Estonia, investigating . . .
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The -World -Until -Yesterday 50

The World Until Yesterday: What Can WE Learn from Traditional Societies?, by Jared Diamond, Penguin, 2012 - Reviewed by Larry Riggs

This new book by the author of The Third Chimpanzee; Guns, Germs, and Steel; and Collapse is even more ambitious than those works. Here, Diamond continues his effort to give sweeping, well-informed, and readable accounts of important aspects of human evolution and of vital issues in contemporary civilization.
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Joe -Holmes 50

Joe Holmes: Here I Am Amongst You, by Len Graham, Four Courts, 2010 - Reviewed by George Geib

Joe Holmes (1906-1978) was one of the great traditional musicians of County Derry, Northern Ireland.  As both a singer and a fiddler, he possessed a highly varied repertoire of tunes, ballads, and entertainments that . . .
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Don 't -Look -Twice 50

Don't Look Twice, by Andrew Gross, William Morrow, 2009 - Reviewed by Larry Riggs

This is the second entry in the Ty Hauck series by Gross, a former collaborator of James Patterson. I liked it enough to plan to read the first book. In this one, Connecticut detective Ty Hauck and his young daughter narrowly escape . . .
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