College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Liberal Arts Matters

Kristi Schultz Broughton Liberal Arts Essay Contest

2012 - 2013

Congratulations to Andrew Erlandson, the winner of the 7th annual Liberal Arts Essay Contest! The contest offers students the chance to reflect on the value of a liberal arts education. The prompt for the 2012-13 Contest was . . .

Primed to Serve, a Benefit of a Liberal Arts Education

In Professor Marshall Gregory's forthcoming book, Good Teaching and Educational Vision: Not the Same Thing as Disciplinary Expertise, he writes of the importance of "[making] some kind of positive contribution to the world: to do something to make the world more sensible or more peaceful or more civil or more intelligent, and more congenial to human flourishing." Write an essay that analyzes how your liberal arts experiences (in your core and major classes, your community requirements, your service work, or other experiences) have inspired or prepared you to make similar sorts of positive contributions to rationality, peace, civility, intelligence, or human growth.

Read Andrew's winning essay,"Bologna and Blogs: A Student's Journey Towards Actualizing The Purpose of His Higher Education."