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Kristi Schultz Broughton Liberal Arts Essay Contest

2010 - 2011

Congratulations to Ben Sippola, the winner of the 5th annual $1000 Liberal Arts Essay Contest! The contest offers students the chance to reflect on the value of a liberal arts education.  The prompt for the 2010-11 Contest was . . .

Education as Commodity: Liberal Arts Education in the Consumer Age

Contemporary higher education is increasingly dominated by the realities and metaphors of the market economy. Education is an investment or a product. Students are consumers. Admissions counselors are salespeople and professors deliver their customers goods and services. Write an essay about this mindset and how it has affected your education. Have your attitudes towards the commoditization of education changed during your time at Butler? Fundamentally, how can or should liberal arts education fit within this worldview?

Read Ben's winning essay,"Metaphors of the Market Economy and The Learning Community."