College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Liberal Arts Matters

Liberal Arts Education Essay Contest

2008 - 2009

Imagine that you had an hour to spend with President-elect Obama and your task was to make sure he understood the nature and value of a liberal arts education. What would you say to him?

Using this prompt as a starting point, the writer has the opportunity to imagine influencing the views of the President-elect on the eve of his inauguration, to speak to the centrality and importance of liberal arts education for an informed citizenry or perhaps to emphasize the relevance of liberal arts education to domestic or international issues he will be facing as President over the next four or eight years.


The Liberal Arts and Sciences Essay Committee selected two winners for the 2008-09 contest.  Congratulations to both Farhad Anwarzai and Michelle Skinner!

Farhad Anwarzai: Learning the Art of Creation

Michelle Skinner: Dear President Obama: The Importance of the Liberal Arts in Our Changeable World