College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Liberal Arts Matters

Liberal Arts Education Essay Contest

2007 - 2008

Congratulations to Mike Meginnis, the winner of the 2nd annual $1000 Liberal Arts Essay Contest! The contest offers students the chance to reflect on the value of a liberal arts education. In this national election year, they were asked to consider the relevance of liberal education to such issues as democracy, informed citizenry, due process and social civility; or to political and ethical controversies. Illustrative examples cited included global warming, stem cell research, cloning, gun control, planetary water shortages, "coercive interrogation" of terrorist suspects, and campaign finance control.

Read Mike's winning essay that addresses the prompt, The Reach for Coherence: The Value of Complementarity Among the Sciences and Humanities in Your Liberal Education, " The Liberal Arts as a Way of being Humane ".