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2008 - 2009 Groups

Gender and Science

Gender and gender differences in the sciences remain hot topics of discussion. Our group will examine current literature and endeavor to separate reality from propaganda. While we do not feel we will be able to "solve" the "problem," we will engage in open and honest dialog about the issues.


  • The Door in the Dream, Conversations with Eminent Women in Science, by Elga Wasserman
  • Why Aren't More Women in Science?: Top Researchers Debate the Evidence, by Stephen J. Ceci and Wendy Williams, Eds.
  • Gender Differences in Human Cognition, by John T. E. Richardson, Paula J. Caplan, Mary Crawford, Janet Shibley Hyde

Faculty Participants:

Anne Wilson, Kate Morris, Jon Sorenson, Carmen Salsbury, Chris Hess, Carol Reeves, 'Jide Akinbo, and Jo Wagoner.