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Recommended Readings

University Marketing University Marketing Mistakes: 50 Pitfalls to Avoid

by Thomas Hayes and Roy Adler, Council for the Advancement and Support of Education 2008

Reviewed by Ed Kanis

For anyone seeking practical and proven marketing insights and perspectives, University Marketing Mistakes: 50 Pitfalls to Avoid is a must read.

The authors, whose leadership in the ever-evolving specialty of higher education marketing is well documented, take readers on a journey through 50 plus 2 (their grasp of the basic principle of underpromising and overdelivering is clear) university marketing scenarios, pointing out the missteps made along the way. The faux pas run the gamut from the simplest (failing to properly employ research at the outset of a major campaign) to the more complex (neglecting to secure internal buy-in for branding initiatives prior to launching them externally).

Aside from pinpointing errors, Hayes and Adler add on-target commentary regarding strategies and tactics that should have been employed, effectively giving reading a series of 50 (plus 2) learning lessons.

Strunk and White and their timeless classic Elements of Style have long been hailed for helping create more effective writers. The work of Hayes and Adler holds the same promise for individuals charged with leading their institution's marketing efforts, especially as the current economic downtown further intensifies competition for students and support.

-Ed Kannis is a lecturer in the Eugene S. Pulliam School of Journalism at Butler University.