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Time -Keeper The Time Keeper

by Mitch Albom, Hyperion, 2012

Reviewed by Eloise Sureau-Hale

This is the story of the invention of Time and its consequences.

The reader follows three main characters and three stories, set in different times and places. First we encounter young Dor, obsessed with measuring time, the first human being to even attempt to calculate time. For this, he is punished by an "old man" and sent to a cave for millennia after the death of his beloved wife Alli. In the cave, Dor is plagued by the incessant plea of all the humans who desire more time, and whose voices he is unable to shut down. He is finally released from his cave as the "old man" sends him back to Earth with an hour glass, hence turning Dor into Father Time on a mission.

His mission is to "save" two of those humans and give them the chance to redeem themselves and fully comprehend the meaning of time. First Sarah, a high school student who tries to commit suicide when the boy she likes humiliates her. Then Victor, a very successful businessman who cannot accept that he is disease-ridden and nearing death, and wishes to be frozen by cryogenics.

Both will meet Dor in a place where time is stopped, and the three of them will have to learn from each other that the point of the matter is not to have more time, but to enjoy the time at hand.

This is a very cute fable about time with a morale attached. A fast-paced novel, The Time Keeper is a more profound tale than it appears at first glance. A fun and easy read!

- Eloise Sureau-Hale is associate professor of French at Butler University.