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The -Killing -Room The Killing Room

by John Manning, Pinnacle, 2010

Reviewed by Eloise Sureau-Hale

What if every ten years, for the past eighty years, one member of your family was to be sacrificed, locked up and left alone one full night to die in the hands of an angry ghost? What happens if the ritual is breached? What could have started this long series of gruesome murders? Could this year finally be the last?

This certainly is what the Youngs are hoping for, especially Howard, the family patriarch. He has seen his brothers, cousins and nephews decimated year after year, all plagued with a curse no one knows how to lift since the 1930's. As we near the next family reunion and the lottery to decide who will be the next victim to enter the room, this time there is one more person to add to the equation: an FBI agent that Howard has hired to try and solve the mystery. And she has one ace up her sleeve: she is not afraid of the paranormal!

 In this 2010 thriller/mystery, John Manning keeps his readers on the edge of their seat. Well-written and fast paced, the story moves from the past to the present and back to the past again to try and pinpoint the events which, eighty years ago, started the ball of hatred and revenge rolling.

- Eloise Sureau-Hale is Associate Professor of French at Butler University.