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The -Drop The Drop

by Michael Connelly, Little, Brown, 2011

Reviewed by Larry W. Riggs

This is the latest in the Harry Bosch series, and, as always, former LA Times police reporter Connelly has a good basic story and tells it well. Bosch, outstanding LAPD homicide detective, son of a murdered prostitute, and half-brother of Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller-star of another Connelly series--is working on cold cases as retirement looms. DNA from a 1989 rape-murder can now be tested, and Bosch identifies the man who left the DNA at the scene. The suspect has been convicted of another rape, but he was only 8 years old at the time of the crime Bosch is investigating. To make his life even more complicated, Bosch is chosen to lead the investigation of a new case. The son of his longtime enemy, Irvin Irving, who has gone from Assistant Chief of the LAPD to LA City Councilman, and carried a grudge against the department with him, has jumped, fallen, or been pushed from his 7th-floor room in a Beverly Hills hotel. All of Bosch's strengths and weaknesses are on display here: his integrity sometimes verges on gratuitous truculence, and his sensitivity leads him into romantic involvement with an important figure in the case. His history with Irving complicates his relations with the department, a typical large organization rife with bad compromises, politics, and corruption. Harry's fanatical devotion and Connelly's smooth writing make this a compelling read.

- Larry Riggs is Professor of French at Butler University.