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somethingmissing Something Missing: A Novel

by Matthew Dicks, Broadway, 2009

Reviewed by LuAnne McNulty

Maybe I read too many books of the same genre, but when I read the book Something Missing: A Novel, I was truly impressed by the story.  Martin is in his early 30s.  He has somewhat of an alternative career/lifestyle.  He robs people for a living.  But, he steals what he only perceives to be of no or little value to his victims.   For example, have you ever been "convinced" that you had a few more rolls of toilet paper?  Or, are you a person who has so much toilet paper in your house that you would never notice if a few rolls went missing?  Martin's clients, as he refers to them, don't miss what he takes.  He chooses clients who have no kids, no pets, and jobs that require more than the average amount of time.  His clients have been part of his life for years.  He knows their habits.  As to be expected, they know nothing of him.  Martin breaks pattern one day and does something nice for a client.  Before he realizes it, he begins helping his other clients, becoming somewhat of a secret savior.  The story of Martin's evolution from a man operating on the fringe of life to someone who is connected to the world around him is entertaining and funny.  I enjoyed his journey enough to wish I knew what happened next.

- LuAnne McNulty is an associate professor of chemistry at Butler University.