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Recommended Readings

PlayingforPizza Playing for Pizza

by John Grisham, Bantam Books 2008

Reviewed by Lacey Echols

If you are in need of some light reading and like John Grisham's writing, you might consider reading Playing for Pizza. This book follows a 3rd string quarterback, Ricky Dockery, from a doomed position in the NFL to Italy where he tries to revive his career. After being pummeled too many times, his body says he should hang up the shoulder pads, but he is not ready to do that. This is the story of a man who needs to redeem himself in his sport when there is little left for him in the American NFL. Grisham does a nice job of describing the Italian image of football, from the fact that the men are not paid, but play for the love of the sport. With mostly amateur players, supported by a few American football professionals, they actually have a super bowl.

Grisham incorporates the Italian countryside and gastronomic delights with such gusto that football, food, and history become extra characters in the story. He includes a little history of different areas in Italy, with brief descriptions of many cathedrals and cities. The descriptions of the fictional football games incorporate just enough detail to provide a sense of the game, without getting too wrapped up in all of the technical details. For light reading, I recommend this book. The book has just been released, and a hardback version might be available at the library. Surely the paperback version will be out soon! On second thought, this may not be worth your time, but it was sort of a fun book to read. I know nothing about Italian football - and almost as little about Italy!

- Lacey Echols is an instructor of mathematics at Butler University.