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People,Parks,Percpt People, Parks, and Perceptions: A History and Appreciation of Indiana State Parks

by Glory-June Greiff, Trafford Publishing, 2009

Reviewed by George Geib

The search to determine what makes Indiana different is a favorite topic for local readers, and a question that has engaged some of the nineteenth state's best local writers. Glory-June Greiff suggests that an important part of the answer lies in our state park system. In her new book, People, Parks, and Perceptions, she directs our attention to the advocates, administrators and attendees, from Richard Lieber to the present day, who have purchased, preserved, adapted, interpreted and enjoyed the physical and historical features of nearly thirty special Hoosier localities. Lieber's original vision of natural monuments and pioneer spirit, the great physical transformations wrought by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the Great Depression, and the continued demand for amenities by tourists and campers of an automotive era serve as contexts for a focused and entertaining narrative. Each of the current parks, and several former ones that now serve other fish and wildlife functions, enjoy a capsule history of their own. Many remind us of the importance private benefactors have played in saving some of Indiana's best natural landscapes. All remind us of the power of place in the Hoosier spirit.

- George Geib is professor of history at Butler University.