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No Image 100Ireland, Irishmen, and Revolutionary America

a review by David Noel Doyle, Mercier Press, Dublin and Cork, 1981

Reviewed by George Geib

Irish Protestants, particularly from Ulster, played a leading role in two dramatic movements for change in the 1770s and 1780s: the Volunteer movement in Ireland and the American Revolution in Pennsylvania. Doyle has written a detailed comparison of the two, asking why one led to loyalty and the other to disloyalty to the Crown. He finds the roots of the differences in the varied forms of access to land and political power in the two countries, and the roots of the similarities in the powerful role of thought and organization in the Presbyterian church and ministry. Rich in personalities and particularly detailed in its treatment of rural Pennsylvania and of the great Ulster migration to America, this was a fine and often-overlooked contribution to the American Revolution bicentennial.

- George Geib is a professor of History at Butler University.