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Gone -Girl Gone Girl

by Gillian Flynn, Crown 2012

Reviewed by Judi Morrel

In today's world it seems that "The butler did it" has morphed into "The husband did it." And that's what you will believe during a good portion of Gillian Flynn's dark, sneaky novel about the disappearance of Amy Dunne on her fifth wedding anniversary. Despite his vehement protests of innocence, husband Nick looks guiltier and guiltier as the first part of the plot unwinds, the damning evidence mounts up, and his lies to the police unravel. But is he really culpable in Amy's disappearance? Is he guilty of anything other than not being the World's Best Husband? Who exactly are the bad guys in this ingeniously plotted and twisted tale? Gone Girl is Ms. Flynn's third work of fiction (her first, Sharp Objects, earned an Edgar nomination), but this one is more a literary novel than a pure thriller. Ultimately, Gone Girl is less about crime and more about deceitfulness. The twisting, turning plot unfolds as the voices of the two main characters, Nick and Amy, alternate the telling of the tale. Don't be lulled by what appears to be a done-too-often plot; this psychological thriller contains surprises galore, especially in the second half..

- Judi Morrel is Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Center for High Achievement and Scholarly Engagement (CHASE) at Butler University.