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Don 't -Look -Twice Don't Look Twice

by Andrew Gross, William Morrow, 2009

Reviewed by Larry Riggs

This is the second entry in the Ty Hauck series by Gross, a former collaborator of James Patterson. I liked it enough to plan to read the first book. In this one, Connecticut detective Ty Hauck and his young daughter narrowly escape being shot in a drive-by shooting in the usually quiet suburb of Greenwich. Next to them in line at the gas station where the shooting takes place, and killed, is a man who turns out to be a US Attorney. When Hauck learns that a witness heard the shooter shout the name of a Latina teenager recently drowned when her companions left her trapped in a swimming pool, he concludes that the death of the prosecutor was coincidental, and that the shooting was an act of revenge. The first suspect is the dead girl's brother, but when he turns out to have an alibi, Hauck has to look further. It seems that the shooter was a gangbanger, but what would motivate the gang to avenge the death of a girl with no connection to them? Was the use of the girl's name some kind of diversion? Was the federal prosecutor the target, after all? Was he working on a case with a connection to the gang? As Hauck follows the case through several layers of misdirection, he encounters career criminals, political fixers, eerily intimidating employees of an Indian-owned gambling casino, corrupt war profiteers, and, ultimately, his own brother. Definitely worth reading. 

- Larry Riggs is Professor of French at Butler University.