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A-Wanted -Man A Wanted Man

by Lee Child, Delacorte 2012

Reviewed by Larry Riggs

The seventeenth entry in Lee Child's Jack Reacher series kept me interested throughout. I believe that this is largely because most of the action is mental. Reacher, once a military police officer and now a committed vagabond, is hitchhiking across the country to Virginia, to meet a woman whom he knows only as a voice on the telephone. Vagabonds can afford to be both capricious and adventurous! In rural Nebraska, he is picked up by a car in which two men and a woman are riding. The men say they are on the way to Chicago, which suits Reacher. Before long, they encounter a roadblock on the Interstate. A bit later, they encounter another roadblock. Clearly, a serious crime has been committed nearby, and the officers manning the roadblocks apparently have a description which Reacher and his companions do not fit. The woman in the car is completely silent, and the men seem vaguely menacing. Reacher's mental detecting exercises begin when he takes over the driving, and the woman, in the back seat, begins blinking what seem to be signals to him in the rearview mirror. Reacher deciphers her code and learns that she is the car's owner and a captive. The men must have picked Reacher up in order to deceive the roadblock officers. From there, the book progresses through many twists and turns toward the conclusion, in which, as always, Reacher shows both tactical brilliance and absolute courage. Recommended highly.

- Larry Riggs is Professor of French at Butler University.