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Recommended Readings (Oct. 2010)

Need a good book? Take a look at the recommendations below. This page is designed to highlight readings suggested by people in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. We've created this site because expressing our enthusiasm for a favorite book is a wonderful way to share ideas, to stimulate discussion, and to simply embrace a love of reading. We hope you will find this useful in your search for a good book!


A Gate at the Stairs by Loorie Moore, Vintage, 2009 - Reviewed by Hilene Flanzbaum

Tassie Keltjin, the idiosyncratic narrator of Lorrie Moore's most recent novel, A Gate at the Stairs, is worth knowing.  Brilliant and cynical, yet hyper-sensitive to the world, Tassie  loves language:  the reader gets the privilege of reading her thoughts, and is thus treated to . . .
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Stitches by David Small, Norton, 2010 - Reviewed by Robert Stapleton

David Small's graphic memoir Stitches is freshly out in paperback. You should celebrate by grabbing a copy, or even buying one. Here's why: Small's story is a searing portrait of the haunting images of his formative years, and they are haunting. 
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Eclipse by Richard North Patterson, St. Martin's, 2009 - Reviewed by Judi Morrel

Inspired by the true story of the human-rights activist Ken Saro-Wiwa's arbitrary tribunal in Nigeria about 15 years ago,  Eclipse is a can't-put-it-down, geopolitical legal thriller, akin in some ways to Patterson's last novel, Exile. The setting of Eclipse is a fictional West African country, Luandia, with a corrupt military government, a brutal dictator and. . .
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