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Recommended Readings (March 2012)

Need a good book? Take a look at the recommendations below. This page is designed to highlight readings suggested by people in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. We've created this site because expressing our enthusiasm for a favorite book is a wonderful way to share ideas, to stimulate discussion, and to simply embrace a love of reading. We hope you will find this useful in your search for a good book!

What -best -tchrs -do 50

What the Best College Teachers Do, by Ken Bain, Harvard University Press, 2004 - Reviewed by Liliana Torres-Goens

What do you recall about your favorite college teachers?  Ken Bain researched the strategies of some of the very best college teachers in the country and found that what they had in common was a reflective approach to teaching which more effectively facilitates student learning.
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The -Hermetica -of -Elysium 50

The Hermetica of Elysium, by Annmarie Banks, Knox, 2011 - Reviewed by Eloise Sureau-Hale

Some books hold powers not everyone should be allowed to behold. This is particularly true of the Hermetica of Elysium, a forbidden book that has many influential groups, from knights to the Pope and the Holy Inquisition searching for it, fearful it might . . .
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The -Drop 50

The Drop, by Michael Connelly, Little, Brown, 2011 - Reviewed by Larry W. Riggs

This is the latest in the Harry Bosch series, and, as always, former LA Times police reporter Connelly has a good basic story and tells it well. Bosch, outstanding LAPD homicide detective, son of a murdered prostitute, and half-brother of Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller-star of another Connelly series--is working on cold cases . . .
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Mc Carthy 's -Bar 50

McCarthy's Bar, by Pete McCarthy, St. Martin's Press, 2000 - Reviewed by Richard J. McGowan

Planning a trip to Ireland?  Don't read this book until you return.   Been to Ireland?  Read McCarthy's Barnow.  Its trenchant and hilarious observations will be accessible and will have you back to the Emerald Isle, laughing, chatting, and sharing a pint (or several)!
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