Individualized Peer Tutoring

Individualized peer tutoring is available through the Learning Resource Center (Jordan Hall 136).  Students are encouraged to seek assistance in their coursework as soon as the need is recognized in order to enhance their protential for academic success.

Tutoring is available free of charge to Butler students, but requires the completion of the Tutor Request Form and the endorsement of the course instructor. Tutoring is geared toward serving currently enrolled undergraduate students taking introductory major courses (e.g., CH105/106, MA106/107); select upper-level tutoring and Core Curriculum tutoring may be available upon demand.  Due to limited tutor availability, individualized peer tutoring is only available during the regular academic year (fall and spring semesters). 

Individualized peer tutoring allows Butler students to meet one-on-one with a qualified and recommended tutor and receive course-specific help for a particular subject area. In most cases, tutoring is limited to 1-2 sessions per week. Individualized peer tutoring is intended to be a time-limited intervention, and is to be a supplement to other support services available (e.g., departmental study tables, instructor office hours). Tutoring is not intended as a "preventive" service but is designed to help students who need additional assistance with understanding course content. 

The tutoring services offered by the Learning Resource Center are for currently enrolled undergraduate Butler University students ONLY. Tutor contact information is only given to those students who meet the requirements to receive peer tutoring and CANNOT be given to the general public.

Course Availability

Typical courses in which tutoring services are offered by Learning Resource Center tutors have included, but are not limited to:

  • General Biology courses (e.g., BI111)
  • General Chemistry courses (e.g., CH105/106)
  • Math courses in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (e.g., MA101/102, MA106/107, etc.)
  • Physics courses (e.g., PH107/108, PH201/202)
  • Core Curricullum courses (e.g., AR 212, NW 262)

Students seeking additional help in Organic Chemistry courses should consult with their instructor. Study Tables are available for Organic Chemistry.

The Learning Resource Center does not offer tutoring services for foreign language courses* or courses in the College of Business (see below for more information about COB tutoring), College of Education, or Jordan College of the Arts.

The LRC DOES NOT provide tutoring for any licensing or admission exams, including the PRAXIS and the PCAT.

Other Resources

Students needing tutoring services for Foreign Languages (including Latin and American Sign Language) should contact the Modern Language Center Tutoring webpage.

Students seeking help with writing skills and paper development should contact the Writer's StudioThe Butler University Writers' Studio offers  free, 45-minute  writing consultationsat any stage of the writing process - from understanding an assignment to final draft. Our undergraduate and graduate tutors will assist you with writing assignments  across the curriculum.

Students seeking help with presentations should contact the Speakers LabThe Speakers Lab is a tutoring organization that provides assistance in creating and delivering oral presentations.

Requesting A Peer Tutor

Before requesting a peer tutor through the Learning Resource Center, the following conditions SHOULD be met:

  • Endorsement of the instructor of the course.
  • Attendance at all classes and labs.
  • Completion of all assignments to the best of the students' ability.
  • Attendance at departmental study tables (if available) for the subject.
  • Utilization of instructor office hours.

Based on the above conditions, the Learning Resource Center will identify an appropriate plan of action. Efforts will be made to identify a tutor within a reasonable amount of time, although this is dependent on tutor availability. In most cases, individualized peer tutoring is limited to 1-2 sessions per week.

The Learning Resource Center will attempt to fulfill all tutor requests, but it is possible that a tutor request may not be fulfilled due to high demand, limited number of tutors, or other factors.  Students who have made a request that cannot be fulfilled will be notified as soon as possible and an alternative recommended course of action will be made. 

FAll 2014 Tutoring requests will be accepted beginning on September 15, 2014. If help is required before this date, please seek assistance directly from your course instructor. 

Please note:  The LRC will not assign tutors during the last two weeks of classes or during final exam week in any semester.  Please plan accordingly.

Click on this link to view Tutor/Tutee Rights and Responsibilities

Tutors and tutees also should familiarize themselves with ways to prepare for a tutoring session; please click here for a downloadable reference sheet.

For questions about individualized peer tutoring not addressed by the information provided on this page, contact the Learning Resource Center by email or by phone at (317) 940-9308.