For Current Tutors

Being a Tutor

Your selection as a tutor is indicative of the confidence that faculty members and the staff of the Learning Resource Center have in your ability to support the university's effort to provide academic support to all Butler undergraduate students.  Tutoring is one of the most effective interventions for students who are struggling with grasping and understanding difficult concepts presented in class.  In addition to the satisfaction that comes from supporting others as they work to achieve their academic goals, you will learn a great deal as you review material and help tutees learn how to be successful.

For questions or concerns that may arise during the tutoring experience, please contact the Learning Resource Center.

Tutor Handbook

The Tutor Handbook provides specific detail about the tutoring process, tutoring activities, and other resources which will enable you to be an effective peer tutor. For additional resources, please contact any member of the Learning Resource Center staff.

Peer Tutor Progress Report

Peer tutors are asked to complete a Peer Tutor Progress Report after each session with a tutee.  This will enable the Learning Resource Center to determine if continuing the tutoring process is appropriate.  If you have concerns regarding a tutee that are not appropriate to include on the report, please contact the Learning Resource Center directly.

Employment Issues

Students are paid on a bi-weekly basis, every other Friday. Students submit time worked online through When receiving payment, students have two options - they can pick up a check at Student Accounts (located on the first floor of Jordan Hall) or they can receive direct deposit payments. Direct deposit is always recommended for student employees, as it is much easier for both the University and the student. In order to do this, students must submit a voided check and direct deposit form, which can be found at this link:

It is the expectation of the Learning Resource Center that tutors will maintain a solid GPA and will follow through on their responsibilities as a tutor.  If a tutor is unable to balance their academic load with their tutoring responsibilities, the LRC will work with the tutor to ensure that priority is given to the tutor's individual academics.