Become a Tutor

Tutoring your peers is rewarding, both academically and emotionally. In addition to the satisfaction that comes from supporting others as they work to achieve their academic goals, you will have the opportunity to hone and reinforce the knowledge you have attained from your classroom experience.

Students willing and recommended to tutor will be placed on a list according to which subjects they wish to tutor. When a student comes to the Learning Resource Center to request a tutor for a specific subject, we will email the tutors on that particular list.

In order to become a peer tutor, students must meet the qualifications listed below:

  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.00 and at least a 3.2 in eligible courses for tutoring
  • Students must be available for a minimum of two hours per week for each tutee they are assigned
  • Students must make a half-hour appointment to meet with a staff member of the LRC for training and to discuss tutoring procedures
  • Students must check their Butler email on a regular basis and respond to emails promptly
  • Students must provide at least one Butler faculty member as a reference and have him or her complete the online Tutor Recommendation form
  • Preference is given to those students who have at least a class standing of sophomore level or have achieved advanced placement in the course

Subjects and Courses Supported by Tutoring

The Learning Resource Center seeks students eligible to tutor in the following subjects:

  • General Biology courses (e.g., BI111)
  • General Chemistry courses (e.g., CH105/106)
  • Organic Chemistry courses (e.g., CH351/352)
  • Math courses in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (e.g., MA101/102, MA106/107, etc.)
  • Physics courses (e.g., PH107/108, PH201/202)

The Learning Resource Center does not offer tutoring services for courses in the College of Business, College of Education, or Jordan College of Fine Arts.  Please contact those colleges directly to find out if they staff study tables through specific departments.

Students interested in tutoring for Foreign Languages should refer to the Modern Language Center Tutoring webpage.

Tutor Application

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please complete an online application. If you have any questions about becoming a peer tutor, please contact the Learning Resource Center by email, by phone (317) 940-9308, or stop by the office in Jordan Hall, room 136.