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Taking the Placement Exams

Butler University placement exams are completed online using Moodle. Before you begin, ensure you have set aside plenty of time to complete any required exams in a distraction-free environment.

How do I take my placement exams?

The following instructions will ensure that you are able to access and take any required placement exams.  Please also read the appropriate individual placement exam instructions.

Required browser information ~ show information

It is a requirement that you use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  Other browsers, like Internet Explorer, will encounter significant problems when attempting to take placement exams.  If you do not have the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome, please use the links above to download them, and be sure to sign back into Moodle and start your exams in the new browser.

Placement exam instructions ~ show information

Prior to beginning any exam, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the instructions for each exam that you plan to take. Instructions are on the Moodle home page of the individual placement exam and also have been compiled on this instruction sheet so that you further understand the time allotments and any other special instructions that you may need to be prepared for the exam.

Assistance for computing/technical issues ~ show information

For incoming first-year students during New Student Registration periods:  For technical assistance, call the placement exam assistance phone line at (317) 940-8298 and select Option 1.  Note that that the phone line is only answered during regular business hours on Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Messages will be returned the following business day.

For continuing students during the academic year: Please contact the Help Desk at (317) 940-HELP (4357) for any technical issues.  If you need to have access to placement exams set up, please contact the Learning Resource Center or Modern Language Center Director (for foreign languages only).

When do I take my placement exams?

The completion of placement exams is a critical component of the academic advising process. Any required exams should be completed in a timely fashion, as follows:

For incoming first-year students ~ show information

Exams are available thirty days prior to your scheduled New Student Registration date. All exams must be completed and submitted by 6:00 a.m. one week prior to your New Student Registration date.


If you are attending New Student Registration on: Your Placement Exams will be available on: Your Placement Exams must be completed by 6:00 a.m. on:
Friday, March 22 Wednesday, February 20 Friday, March 15
Friday, March 29 Wednesday, February 27 Friday, March 22
Friday, April 19 Wednesday, March 20 Friday, April 12
Friday, April 26 Wednesday,  March 27 Friday, April 19
Saturday, April 27 Wednesday, March 27 Friday,  April 19
Friday,  May 17 Wednesday, April 17 Friday, May 10
Friday, May 31 Wednesday, May 1 Friday, May 24
Friday, June 7 Wednesday, May 8 Friday, May 31
Friday, June 14 Wednesday, May 15 Friday, June 7

For transfer students ~ show information

Complete all necessary placement exams as quickly as possible. Your advising file cannot be forwarded to the appropriate academic department for advising until all exams are completed. Contact the Learning Resource Center for specific questions regarding your file.

Which placement exams do I take?

The following chart indicates which exams are required and any special information pertaining to the placement exams. Incoming first-year students should also reference their To Do List on My.Butler where required placement exams will be listed based on declared college and major. Transfer students will be informed individually about required placement exams during the transfer process.

*Note for first-year students: If you have received updated SAT or ACT scores that may eliminate the need for certain placement exams, please be sure to submit those scores to Butler University's Office of Admission as soon as possible.


Placement Exam Who Must Take this Exam Time Limit Special Information

ACT English score is 20 or below

SAT critical reading score is 520 or below

90 minutes The English placement exam determines enrollment for the EN101 Writing Tutorial, a 3-credit hour writing course designed to be taken concurrently with FYS101.  Students who place into the EN101 Writing Tutorial are provided with additional writing and composition assistance to assure student success in the First Year Seminar sequence.

ACT math score is 26 or below

SAT math score is 640 or below


45 minutes

Note: A scientific calculator is needed for some of the questions on the exam; graphing or programmable calculators are not allowed.

The math placement exam measures preparation for  Butler mathematics courses that may be required for certain major or minor programs of study.

For majors in Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physician Assistant, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering Dual Degree Program, Physics, Pre-Health*, Exploratory Natural Sciences, and Secondary Education - Chemistry

If your curriculum requires enrollment in General Chemistry, CH 105, or above

2 hours

The chemistry placement is not required for Natural World Core Curriculum courses.

*The term Pre-Health for placement exam purposes implies an intention to take pre-requisite courses for graduate programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, or any other health profession that requires advanced Chemistry courses.

Foreign Languages

All College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, College of Communication and College of Education majors; and International Management (College of Business) majors have a language requirement

If you have taken any of these languages in high school (or have other extensive experience) and plan to continue your language studies at Butler

French, German and Spanish:

60 minutes with questions on:

  • Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening

If you intend to begin a new language at Butler, you will start at the 101 level and are not required to take a placement exam in the new language.

It is recommended that you take an appropriate language placement exam, especially if you are unsure about your academic major or degree requirements.


60 minutes with questions on:

  • Grammar
  • Translation
  • Reading Comprehension


No online placement exam currently exists for Chinese. Contact the department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures directly to arrange placement.

Piano Keyboard

All Music majors

All Dance majors


You will be contacted the week of your New Student Registration date with the details on when your keyboard placement is scheduled.
Music Theory

All Music majors


You will be contacted the week of your New Student Registration with the details on when your music theory placement exam is scheduled.