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March Edition, 2011

What You Need To Know About Fall And Summer 2011 Registration  ~ View Full Article

  1. March 28 begins your advising for fall and summer classes. Your advisor may contact you to make an appointment to discuss classes for next semester. If you have not heard from your advisor, you should take it upon yourself to set up an appointment. Remember, you cannot register until your advisor has removed the advising hold from your account. This cannot be done until you have met with him/her.
  2. Before your advising session, take some time to review the classes you've completed and make a list of classes that fulfill your core curriculum and major requirements. Look over the Fall 2011 course schedule to find options that seem interesting to you. Now is the time to think about summer classes as well.
  3. Be sure to find out when your enrollment window opens (the time and day you will be able to enroll). This information should be noted on your My.Butler account. Once your window opens, you will be able to register yourself using your My.Butler account. If you have trouble using the registration system, ask your advisor or contact the help desk at (317) 940-4357 for assistance.
  4. Try to have your schedule set by the end of finals. Many staff and faculty are not available over the summer so you may not be able to reach your advisor. If you know your advisor will be gone over the summer, be sure to get a contact name (another faculty member or department chair) in case you need to speak to someone.

For more information about registration, visit the Registration and Records website.

Interested In Taking Summer Classes?  ~ View Full Article

Consider taking them at Butler! You will find the class schedule for Summer 2011 on the Records and Registration website. Discuss with your advisor the classes you would like to take before you enroll. Enrollment can be completed in My.Butler before classes begin. The first day of classes for Summer Session I is May 16. The first day of classes for Summer Session II is June 27.

Another option is to take summer classes at a college or university near your home. If you wish to take classes off campus, you will need to obtain pre-approval. To get started with transfer credit approval, select and print the appropriate application form and instructions (PDF files) for Core or your college on the Registration and Records website. Take the form to your advisor so you can discuss the classes you would like to take and get a signature. Your advisor will explain the steps needed in order to have the credit transferred to Butler.

Global And Historical Studies ~ View Full Article

Now that you'll be entering your sophomore year, you will be taking two classes or six hours in Global and Historical Studies (GHS). Unlike the First Year Seminar, the GHS classes are not sequential. You will select two GHS classes with two different topics.

The purpose of these classes is to allow you to grow as worldly citizens. The learning objectives are:

  • To engage the student in investigation of and reflection about cultures different from their own, especially non-western cultures
  • To explore these cultures using a variety of sources and disciplines - including the arts, the humanities and the social sciences
  • To recognize both the value of and challenges raised by cultural diversity
  • To continue development of skills of expository writing

Sophomores can choose from up to nine different GHS courses, depending on the semester. These courses include:

  • South Asian Civilizations
  • Postcolonial Studies: The Caribbean
  • Modernizing and Contemporary Europe
  • Frontiers in Latin America
  • East Asian Interactions
  • Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in Africa
  • Resistance and Rights: Global Women
  • Revolutionary Europe and Colonial Nigeria
  • China and the Islamic Middle East

If you studied abroad in a Butler-approved program AND completed 9 or more credit hours of coursework while abroad, you will automatically receive a 1-semester/3-hour waiver from Global and Historical Studies.

Quick Tip  ~ View Full Article

Having trouble concentrating? Try some of the following tips to further your academic success! Stick to a routine that includes regular study times. Avoid daydreaming by keeping notes of your questions about the material you are studying. Also, look attentive in class; this can assist with your internal motivation to stay focused.

Gender, Women And Sexuality Studies  ~ View Full Article

Why Gender Studies?
The major in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies (GWSS) is an interdisciplinary program founded on the premise that gender, sexuality, class, race and other markers of difference are historical and intersecting constructs affecting all persons. GWSS offers students a unique opportunity to question and challenge the power structures that perpetuate privilege and inequality. This program provides a formalized setting for students to interrogate identity and agency locally and globally and across time and space.

What Will I Study?
GWSS students take courses from forward-looking faculty representing a variety of colleges and with exceptional expertise in a range of disciplines, including anthropology, art, history, language, communication, public health, sociology, philosophy and political science. Through optional GWSS internships, students can apply theoretical knowledge to employment and community-based learning experiences.

What Can I Do?
Students with GWSS expertise are sought after to work in a diverse and rapidly changing world in a variety of professions and occupations, such as public administration, social services, business, the arts, law, public health, and media. Additionally, a GWSS degree provides students with a foundation for graduate work in a variety of academic disciplines.

For additional information about this program, visit the Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies website.

The Summer Brain Gain Program  ~ View Full Article

The Summer Brain Gain program is designed to help students connect with the Indianapolis culture and community. Students secure and complete an internship or similar experience with a local organization, thereby strengthening their connections to potential employers. The program offers evening programming to introduce students to the social and cultural communities beyond Butler's campus. Once students realize all that Indianapolis has to offer, they may consider living and working in Indianapolis after graduation!

The Summer Brain Gain Program provides a wide variety of benefits to participants including the following:

  • Opportunity to network with Indianapolis employers and to learn more about a variety of career opportunities within several industries
  • Access to Indianapolis attractions at no cost
  • Meals at Summer Brain Gain Program sponsored events are provided at no cost
  • Affordable, safe and convenient housing on campus
  • Opportunity to meet other Butler students. By living in the same complex and attending events with fellow Brain Gain and Butler Summer Institute participants, students will meet and connect with their peers.

For more information, visit the Summer Brain Gain Program website.

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