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April 2011 Edition

Ten Tips for a Productive Summer ~ Show

  1. Take a summer job, volunteer opportunity or internship that relates to your interests.
  2. Ask your advisor or your professor about summer programs that will benefit you. 
  3. Know how to find information on the Butler website.  Find out where the clubs and organizations are listed, where the faculty and staff contact information is located, and where you can get information about upcoming programs.
  4. Educate yourself about another part of the country or the world through travel.
  5. Acquire a marketable skill; learn another language, a new computer program or any other job-related task.
  6. Create your first resume and update it periodically.
  7. Take the initiative to shadow a career professional for a day.
  8. Interview someone in a profession that seems appealing to you.
  9. Organize your college career by developing a four year plan.
  10. Network! Let people know about your skills and interests so they can help you in the future.

How to Find a Summer Job ~ Show

Summer is almost upon us so now is the time to start thinking about what you're going to do during your break.  If you don't want just a typical summer job but a job that will expose you to a professional career that matches your interests, you will need to fine-tune your search.  However, there are several places you can go to start your job hunt.

BLUE: BLUE is a Butler database that provides a lot of information about jobs, internships and valuable contacts. By registering with BLUE at http://www.butler.edu/career, you can locate summer jobs.  If you want to learn more about an occupation, you can click on "BLUEMentors" and find Butler alumni from all over the country whom you can shadow for a day.   

Internship and Career Services (ICS):  ICS has professional staff who are here to help you with your summer job and internship search. Tell them what you enjoy doing and where you're going to be staying over the summer and they'll connect you with employers. They're located in Atherton, room 315 and their phone number is 940-6508. 

The Internet: There are a handful of websites that you may want to explore. If you'd like to volunteer, a great resource is at http://www.volunteermatch.org. Check out internship opportunities at http://www.internjobs.com. If you're interested in travel and working for a cause, you can go to One Small Planet at http://www.onesmallplanet.com/geninfo.htm.

Career Fairs: Career Fairs aren't always about full-time professional jobs.  Many career fairs offer internships and summer jobs as well.  To find a career fair that is right for you, go to BLUE at http://www.butler.edu/career and click on "Calendar".  The career events are updated weekly. 

Faculty Contacts: Talk to your professors about what you plan to do over the summer and ask them if they know people who can assist you. They usually know former students, community members, and fellow colleagues who can help you a find a job. 

The Butler Summer Institute ~ Show

Butler Summer Institute provides an opportunity for students to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor for two months during the summer on a creative, scholarly, or research project. Students are housed on campus for the duration of the program and receive a stipend. In addition to conducting their projects, students attend weekly luncheon seminars and other activities. At the end of the Institute, each student will give a short oral presentation on the results of their project. Students do not need to major in the sciences to participate.

There are many reasons why students participate in undergraduate research. Here are some to consider:

  1. It's fascinating!
  2. Looks great on graduate and professional school applications.
  3. Do you really want graduate school? Helps you find out....
  4. Valuable experience!
  5. Required for the Honors Program.
  6. Gives you a better feel for "real science" than classroom labs.
  7. Resumé builder.
  8. Fun!
  9. Butler Summer Institute participants get summer housing and stipend.
  10. Shows off your results at the Undergraduate Research Conference.

For more information, go tohttp://www.butler.edu/biology/research/bsi.

Art + Design ~ Show

A unique, cutting-edge program within the Jordan College of Fine Arts, the Art Program focuses on the integration of Art and Design, combining studio practice and digital design within a broad liberal arts education. The principles of the Program present a radical vision of integration, ingenuity, sustainability and community. The Program offers a Major in Art + Design and a Minor in Digital Illustration.

For additional information about the Art + Design program, go to http://www.butler.edu/art.

Quick Tip: There are some helpful strategies you can use when you take your final exams.  When you get your exam, preview the questions first so you can gauge how long it will take you to answer them.  Write down equations, formulas, facts somewhere on your test so you don't forget them later.  Answer what you surely know first and then go back to the questions that require more thought.

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