Learning Resource Center

Don't Cancel Class!

Want your students to continue learning while you are away?  The Learning Resource Center is happy to arrange for a guest lecturer to present to your classes in your absence.  Check out popular lecture topics below and click on the links to submit a request for a presentation.

  • Adjusting to college:
    • Understanding Butler culture (academic and social aspects)
    • Exploring issues related to separation from home, freedom and peer influences
    • Sharing tips on communication styles and healthy coping
  • Interview skills:
    • Learning how to sell a major, internship and skill set in an interview setting
    • Understanding how to handle difficult interview questions
    • Learning about ways to answer situational or behavioral types of questions
  • Major and/or career:
    • Making informed decisions about careers and majors
    • Exploring common misperceptions and myths that can prohibit effective career exploration
    • Understanding self-assessment
    • Exposing students to resources for researching majors and careers
  • Second major/minor:
    • Making informed decisions about majors and minors
    • Understanding self-assessment as it related to majors and minors
    • Introducing students to resources for researching majors and minors
  • Stress management:
    • Understanding stress and its impact on the body
    • Learning relaxation techniques
    • Sharing helpful tips for living stress free
  • Study habits:
    • Emphasizing skills and strategies that promote effective learning
    • Introducing and discussing "The Study Cycle" and "Intense Study Sessions"
    • Discussing the process of developing an effective study plan
  • Time management:
    • Completing "Personal Time Survey"
    • Discussing and sharing materials for planning and organizing
    • Sharing recommendations for efficient time planning
  • Winning resumes:
    • Learning what employers look at when searching for resumes
    • Sharing tips that get a document noticed
    • Learning about using action words in your resume that can showcase the skills employers seek
    • Finding out what to put on a resume and the appropriate location

If you have another lecture topic in mind, please contact the Learning Resource Center with your request.