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Each spring, Butler University welcomes its newest class of admitted students during a period called New Student Registration. This program is an opportunity for students - and their families - to visit the Butler campus, learn more about the resources available, and for students to register for first semester classes.

Your participation in New Student Registration is invaluable as you will help enroll these students in their first semester courses -- a significant experience in a student's transition to college. We encourage students to be prepared for this advising conversation by becoming familiar with the courses required for their desired major and the Core Curriculum. Students will have access to a list of all course options appropriate for first-year students. Included are course descriptions and meeting times for Core Curriculum and entry level classes for all majors. It is highly recommended that students review this booklet and bring a list of classes that are of interest with them to their advising appointment.

While you may not remain a student's official academic advisor, this first interaction will affirm Butler University's commitment to the individualized advising relationship.  Your willingness to build rapport with the students, learn more about their interests and strengths, and work to craft a schedule that sets them on a path to educational discovery is meaningful to the students and their families.  Thank you for your time on these busy days.

Resources for New Student Registration

Materials for Advising Appointments ~ show information

You will receive an official advising file for each of the students you will meet with during New Student Registration.  In each file is an Advising Information Sheet which includes the following information:

  • Student name and ID number
  • Hometown
  • High school name
  • Intended Major
  • SAT or ACT information
  • Athlete identification if applicable (Note: If the student is an athlete, please check the team practice schedule before enrolling in classes.)
  • Advisor resources, including an appointment checklist, My.Butler information, and a notes section

In addition, the following materials are included in the advising file:

Students also will receive an enrollment worksheet in their packet.  This may also be a useful tool for you as you map out class times, practice schedules, and other time-defined activities with your students.  Here is a printable version of the worksheet.

My.Butler Information ~ show information

You will register students via the My.Butler/PeopleSoft portal.  For quick reference regarding the various tasks (e.g., printing schedules, releasing holds) available to you in this portal, please use the following:

Recommended Course Options ~ show information

Students attending New Student Registration will receive a booklet listing recommended courses for first-year students, including course descriptions and meeting times for Core Curriculum and entry level classes for all majors.  Students are encouraged to bring the booklet to their college meeting and academic advising appointment.


AP/IB/CLEP and Transfer Credit ~ show information

Butler University does offer course credit to students who have taken the Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or College Level Examination Program exams. As many students will be registering for classes before they take the AP/IB/CLEP exams, or before the exams are scored and received by Butler, we advise that they enroll in those classes anyway. It is easier for the student to drop a class once the scores arrive than to try to add one later. (Note: AP scores typically arrive in July.)

Students earning AP/IB credit ordinarily have these credits applied to major requirements, at the discretion of the department, as Core Curriculum requirements, or as electives fulfilling Butler degree requirements. Credit is not awarded for First Year Seminar (FYS).

View more information on AP/IB and CLEP credits at Butler University: 

If students have taken college-level courses, ensure that they have sent or will be sending their transcripts to Registration and Records for a credit evaluation.  Any transfer credit earned will be applied according to how the University assigns the credit (e.g., as elective credit).  Any transfer credit that has been evaluated and assigned prior to the students' attendance at New Student Registration can be found in their My.Butler account under the Student Center (Student Center>Academics>Other Academic>Transfer Credit Report).

'Day of' Resources ~ show information

Please refer to the list of key resources for 'day of' questions regarding advising, registration, student life, and other NSR-related issues.

New Student Registration Schedule 2014

The following dates are reserved New Student Registration days:

  • Friday, March 21
  • Friday, March 28
  • Friday, April 18
  • Friday, April 25
  • Saturday, April 26
  • Friday, May 16
  • Friday, May 30
  • Friday, June 6
  • Friday, June 13

Each of these days begins with a resource fair in Irwin Library from 9:00 to 9:45 a.m. The official University welcome begins at 10:00 a.m.  Advising appointments officially start at 1:00 p.m.; students receive their individualized schedule upon check-in at the resource fair.  Please confirm with your department about your assigned advising times and any departmental group advising that may occur.

For more information about New Student Registration, please visit the website.