Learning Resource Center

Course Search

There are several ways to find courses in which to enroll.  Be sure to browse the various resources as you begin to prepare for your advising appointment:

  1. Access your My.Butler account and use the course search function:
    • Log in to My.Butler using your username and password sent by the Office of Admission.
    • Select "Self Service" on the Enterprise Menu.
    • Select "Class Search" in the "Class Search/Browse Catalog" folder.
    • Click the "Search for Classes" button on the right hand of the Student Center.
    • Enter search criteria, making sure the correct term (e.g., Fall 2012) is selected.
  2. Search for classes through Registration and Records.  Be sure to always indicate the correct term (e.g., Fall 2012) no matter which search function you use:
    • To "Browse" for classes, select the "Browse" tab and then select the appropriate college or program you wish to browse.  (NOTE:  If selecting the Core Curriculum to browse, please choose "Students starting after Fall 2010")  Click "Browse" once you have filled in all of the fields.
    • To "Search" for classes, select the "Search" tab.  Enter at least the first letters of the course you are interested in finding; for example, type "FYS" for First Year Seminar or "SW for Social World courses.  Select "Course Number" in the Search By field, identify the correct term and click "Search."