College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Requirements for the LAS Economics Major

Required Foundation Courses

EC231, Principles of Microeconomics

EC232, Principles of Macroeconomics

MA125, Business Calculus or MA106, Calculus and Analytical Geometry 1 (Either course also satisfies the University Core Curriculum under Analytical Reasoning)

MS100, Basic Excel Skills

MS264, Statistics

MS265, Information Technology

 Foundation Course hours: 13 (Not counting MA125 or MA106, and with MS101 being one hour)

 Other Required Courses

EC332, Intermediate Macroeconomics

EC354, Intermediate Microeconomics

EC464, Quantitative Methods-Econometrics

 Other Required Course hours: 9

 Additional Courses

 Any four Economics courses numbered 300 or 400 level

Economics Electives hours: 12

Total Hours: 34

Course Descriptions