College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Paula Trzepacz, MD

Liberal Arts Statement

College years are still my favorite of all my educational experiences. My childhood doctor's bag would eventually culminate in reality for me, though not before valued experiences during college. My world was forever "flavored" by Renaissance and 20th C music concerts; art history; robust debates among close friends over dinner about belief systems; learning squash, fencing, and Akido; anti-war protests; studious tree inspections in the Arboretum; and reading poetry lakeside.

Liberal Arts at my alma mater, Wellesley College, broadened and stretched my late adolescent understanding of life while demanding deep and critical thinking in my focused subjects, Biology and Chemistry. Why are things the way they are, not just 'this is the way things are.' Having learned and practiced the disciplined discovery of knowledge has prepared me for my whole life's journey, not just a short-term goal of getting into medical school. Ever drawing on the concepts and variety of ideas learned in college, I have been able to approach life's challenges with confidence and enjoy all of creation's majesty with awe and appreciation…. such as, evidence in layers of Hawaiian volcanic cliffs of historical shifting of the earth's magnetic poles; major transitions in van Gogh's painting styles as displayed in the Amsterdam museum; protein expression of the human genome that makes our bodies function; "walking" with the ancient Romans on the Appian Way; the mathematical formula that describes the spiral of both the cochlea and conch shells….Why settle for anything less than a Liberal Arts education?