College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Nancy Brown

Liberal Arts Statement

The goal of my field of work-public relations-is to influence attitudes and behaviors of those who are important to an employer or client. To be effective at influencing others, we have to have an accurate understanding of the desires, needs and priorities of those we wish to influence. The major goal of liberal arts studies is to enable us to understand others, whether in business or in life. I can't imagine researching target audiences and individuals, or creating public relations strategies using that research, without the benefit of my liberal arts education.

Public relations work relies heavily on written communications, and in creating these communications we often have to write using the voice and motivations of others. The more closely we study subjects such as fiction, history, psychology and sociology, the more effective we can be at capturing the essence of the individuals we represent to the individuals we wish to reach.

However, the most important gift that study of the liberal arts offers us is the joy of learning throughout our lives. Certainly that has served me well when we consider how the public relations profession has changed over more than three decades. More importantly, the ongoing desire to know more has significantly enriched my personal life by introducing me to new interests and passions. This is a precious gift, given in the form of dedication and generosity by my Butler faculty members-my sincere thanks to them all!