College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Hilary Gaudreau-Dryden, MS, MD

Liberal Arts Statement

I am a physician/surgeon, mentor, mother, confidant, colleague, friend and wife, among other things. And I am happy. How did I get here?

When I reflect on my time at Butler, I realize it has afforded me the foundation on which I continue to build my life. While my Biology major satisfied the necessary criteria for applying to and completing medical school, it was the Spanish, Change & Tradition, Art History and Psychology classes that have bolstered my ability to succeed in my career and my personal life. I could not have one without the other.

My liberal arts degree has given me the ability to communicate literally and figuratively with others from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. This in turn has generated an invaluable bond of trust between me and my patients. Critical thinking allows me unravel some of the "No one can tell me what's wrong." situations I encounter. And my enthusiasm for life-long learning makes the ever-changing world of medicine an enjoyable endeavor.

Finally, the invaluable encouragement and motivation I received from caring professors has shown me how one person can effect change in the life of another.