College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Erin Walls

Liberal Arts Statement

Who knew "Change and Tradition" would have tangible application after Butler? In the global marketplace, understanding and respecting other cultures is critical to achieve business results. I've supervised or worked with colleagues who have roots on 3 continents - and work daily with partners in India. Having been exposed through literature and discussion to different cultures - where we discussed both what might be different and what is fundamentally the same - has helped me respect differences and work with colleagues more effectively.

The most valuable aspects of my liberal arts degree are that I learned to think critically and to learn. Having confidence in my ability to engage in new subjects has allowed me to challenge the status quo, create new roles, and to tackle large or ambiguous problems. I may not be the most technical person in the room, but I consistently provide leadership, facilitate the group's critical thinking, ensure reasoned decision-making, and help define a fruitful path forward. I also don't fear challenges or the unknown: if I can pass Physical Chemistry with Dr. Su, I am willing to try just about anything.

At Butler I developed depth in my major and breadth across many other topics. That breadth has paid off in my professional life - having had a Public Relations & Advertising class helps me create internal communication plans - and personally: after 2 semesters of art history and a minor in music, I continue to sing in my church choir and choose vacation destinations that take me to some of the world's best museums - happily.