College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Liberal Arts Statement

Craig Kessler

As someone who has spent their entire professional career in the field of finance, I take great pride in pointing to my liberal arts education as a key reason for my success. Specifically, the communication skills, critical thinking skills and global perspective I developed at Butler continue to serve me well. I believe I am a better citizen because of the broad liberal arts education I received.

In business, as in life, I have found the search for clarity far more important and valuable than attaining certainty. Clarity is about connecting the dots that make up the world in which we live. A narrow focus on society, the markets, politics, religion, etc. prevents one from connecting these dots. A liberal arts education is essential on the quest for clarity.

I remember being told during my freshman year at Butler that only 15% of what is "learned" in college is actually applied once you enter the workforce. In terms of content, 5% might be more accurate. However, in terms of learning how to think independently, analyze foreign concepts, assess situations, lead people, manage organizations and communicate effectively, I think 99% is more accurate. This is what makes a liberal arts education so valuable and I can think of no better place than Butler University to receive that education.