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Bievenour Bio

Lori Bievenour 

Lori Elizabeth (Godich) Bievenour is a native of Muskego, Wisconsin and takes pride in being a Cheesehead and a Green Bay Packers fan.  She graduated from Butler University in 2000, having completed majors in Religious Studies and English as well as a Creative Writing minor.  While at Butler, Lori participated in the Butler Summer Institute and began research for her honors thesis, "The Africanization of Christianity: Roman Catholic and Presbyterian Worship in Krobo-Odumase, Ghana."  Her research was completed during a semester abroad in Ghana with the School for International Training.  The experience proved to be pivotal in her life.

Upon her return from Ghana, and at the recommendation of Dr. Paul Valliere, Lori applied to seminaries and graduate schools, hoping to obtain a Master of Divinity, but stating quite intentionally that she did not intend to become a pastor.  She also swore that she'd never return to Indiana.  Both plans failed.  Following three years of study at Boston University School of Theology, Lori answered her call to ordained ministry, which had been inspired in Ghana and nurtured, sometimes unknowingly, by countless people at Butler.  While in Boston Lori also realized that she truly missed Indianapolis… and that was before a friend from Butler introduced Lori to her future husband who lived in New York but was a Hoosier and had grown up in the church that Lori would eventually serve.  (A story for another day.)

Since July 2003, Lori has served as the Associate Pastor of St. Peter's United Church of Christ in Carmel.  Committed to outreach and justice, as well as encouraging curiosity and exploration in one's personal journey, St. Peter's UCC is an unique and growing congregation that Lori is honored to serve.  Lori lives in the Nora area with her husband, Torrey, an electrical engineer.  They are dedicated to home improvement projects, scuba diving, travel, theatre, and cooking experiments.