College of Communication
Eugene S. Pulliam School of Journalism

Journalism Courses

JR 112. News Writing: Print

This course introduces students to the techniques of gathering, writing and editing news for print media. (U)(3)

JR 113. News Writing: Electronic

This course introduces the student to the techniques of gathering, writing and editing news for broadcast media. The emphasis is on broadcast style, basic aspects of writing news for radio and television and broadcast news operations. (U)(3)

JR 212. Multimedia Journalism 1

The application of beat reporting assignments in a converged media environment. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR 112, JR113 and CME 106 or CME 108. (U)(3)

JR 213. Electronic Journalism

This course concentrates on television reporting skills. Students learn to use portable cameras, audio equipment and lighting equipment to gather and produce news stories for television. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR 113. (U)(3)

JR 309. Feature Writing

This course focuses on crafting feature stories that give readers a sense of place, knowledge of another human being, and deeper understanding of an event, trend or issue. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR 112. (U)(3)

JR 310. Producing the Television News

Techniques of producing, shooting and editing news for television. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR 213. (U)(3)

JR 311. Visual Storytelling and Design

This course focuses on the art of telling a story through a variety of digital techniques, media and design principles. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR 212 and JR 213. (U)(3)

JR 312w. Multimedia Journalism 2

Coverage of city, county and state government and public education in a converged media environment. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR 212 and JR213. (U)(3)

JR 313. Advanced Reporting

The course concentrates on advanced reporting techniques for the electronic media. Emphasis is placed on writing and on-air presentation as well as strong production values. Prerequisite: C- or above in JR213. (U)(3)

JR 315. News Photography

A professional journalism course teaching the importance of the visual image for communicating ideas and information with emphasis on the development of photojournalistic skills. Instruction covers the basic photographic concepts, digital camera handling, and the aesthetics of photography. A digital camera will be provided with a rental fee. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR 112. (U)(3)

JR 317. Editorial Writing

Editorial writing focuses on opinion writing for print media, concentrating on editorials, columns and reviews. Course participants will be taught the fundamentals of researching and writing opinion pieces. Students who complete the course will have enhanced skills in gathering and analyzing information, and in writing to inform, entertain and persuade readers. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR112. (U)(3)

JR 333. Performance Lab

Participation in on-camera experiences using university facilities and field experiences in the Indianapolis community. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR112 and JR113 (U)(3) or permission of instructor. 

JR 350, 352, 353. Media Internship

All journalism majors are required to complete an internship during one semester of their junior or senior years. The internship program includes one-on-one assistance with resume preparation, selection of internship possibilities, interview skills and a group orientation session prior to beginning the internship. At the conclusion of the semester, the student will also have prepared a professional presented portfolio of projects completed during the internship. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR212 and JR213. (U)(1, 3, or 6)

JR355. Sports Journalism

This course provides a foundation for reporting and writing about sports in an urban setting. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR112. (U)(3)

JR357. Web Design for an Interactive Age

This introductory course on web design focuses on website development techniques and skills. Students will learn web-based software and other critical web basics. The course includes writing for the web, design and best practices. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR112 (U)(3)

JR 401, 402, 403. Independent Study

An independent study provides an opportunity for qualified students to pursue a topic of individual interest. Open to juniors and seniors with permission of director of the School of Journalism. (U) (1, 2, 3)

JR 407. Sportscasting

Concentrates on advance techniques in sports coverage for the electronic media. Emphasis is placed on writing and on-camera presentation as well as strong production values. Prerequisites: JR313 or permission of instructor. (U) (3)

JR 409. Media Economics and Regulation

An overview of the economic and regulatory concepts that have a distinct application on the structure and performance of media industries. Prerequisites: junior standing and approval of instructor. (U)(3)

JR 412w. In-depth Journalism

This capstone experience focuses on creating an in-depth, long-form reporting project that is disseminated in one of a variety of media formats depending on the career interest and special skills of the student. Prerequisites: C- or above in JR312. (U)(3)

JR 414. Mass Communications Law

Study of the major legal principles and standards underlying the free speech/press clause of the First Amendment as well as the major legal issues confronting mass communicators, including libel, invasion of privacy, access to information, trespass, hidden cameras and wiretapping, journalist privilege, free press/fair trial, commercial speech and intellectual property law. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing. (U)(3)

JR 415. History and Literature of Journalism

The historical development of the press and the literature of the field. Historical trends and press freedom, from colonial times to present. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing. (U)(3)

JR 416. Mass Communications in Society

The role of mass media in society and its social determinants, government and social utility, ethics, values and problems. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing. (U)(3)

JR 417. International Communication

This course introduces students to important issues and topics in international communication in the era of globalization. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing. (U)(3)

JR 418. Gender and Media: Global Views

Focuses on the representation and participation of women and other disempowered groups in global media. Students will study media that are produced, distributed and consumed across national boundaries as well as media in a national context, thereby increasing their awareness of inequalities and avenues for media activism. (U)(3)

JR 420c. Mass Communication Ethics

Focuses on the application of ethical frameworks to ethical dilemmas faced by the converged news media and advertising and pubic relations professionals. Students develop skills in analyzing ethical issues and making ethical decisions. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing. (U)(3)

JR 427. Special Topics in Journalism

The thematic study of contemporary topics and issues in journalism, this course may be repeated when topics change. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. (U)(3) Topics may include:

Converged Journalism

Students will learn how to effectively gather and produce stories across various media platforms, including print, broadcast and online. This course starts with the presumption that multiple distribution media are available for any story produced and focuses on the various ways to use media to communicate information.

Database Investigations

This course introduces students to how journalists use computer databases to produce investigative stories. Students will learn the basics of computer-assisted reporting, using software tools such as Microsoft Excel, Access and SPSS. The course will cover how to find database sources, how to ask good questions and use the data to find answers, how to set up an investigation and how to write the story.

Magazine Journalism

This course explores the current magazine landscape and focuses on magazine structure, writing and visual presentation. 

News and Media Art

This course will focus on the media and methods for graphically communicating the stories and experiences that happen around us each day. The course will cover infographics, creative page layout, fact boxes, photography and photo correction, Photoshop montage, stock photography and several other graphic approaches used to visually communicate stories in the news and media.

JR 499. Honor Thesis

For more information: University Honors Program