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"By offering the individual attention necessary to navigate the working world, my news editorial classes at Butler prepared me for my internship at Indianapolis Monthly."
Kimberly Trubiro
Special Projects Intern
Indianapolis Monthly Magazine

Eugene Pulliam School of Journalism

Programs of study

Types of career opportunities for journalism graduates

  • Anchor, host, producer, reporter correspondent, commentator (broadcast, cable)
  • Content producer (multimedia) (all fields and industries, i.e. news, business, sports, art, entertainment, environmental, education, health, travel, lifestyle, technical, trade associations, etc.) (news, feature, entertainment or public relations/marketing focused)
  • Editor, publisher, manager (print publications and online sites) (news, feature, entertainment and public relations/marketing focused)
  • Graphic designer/artist, web designer
  • Investigator, researcher, database investigative reporter
  • Magazine editor, writer, publisher
  • Media relations director, press secretary, company spokesperson, publicist
  • Opinion columnist, critic (art, food, music, theatre, movie etc.)
  • Photojournalist, videographer, visual storyteller, documentary writer/producer
  • Political correspondent, reporter or commentator; government relations director; lobbyist; political campaign strategist; etc.
  • Public information officer/communication director
  • Sports editor, host, or commentator; sports information director; manager of sports marketing; etc. 
  • And more

Web sites such as, and can give you an understanding of the types of jobs held by our graduates.

In addition, a degree in journalism can also be combined with almost any other academic discipline or individual interest for an exciting and rewarding career. And because of its emphasis on source development, public records research and investigation, journalism is an excellent major for students who plan to attend law school.

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