Jimmy Fallon Came Back to Butler!

Jimmy Fallon, host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, performed at Butler University way back in 2001. When Butler students heard that Jimmy would broadcast four shows from Indianapolis during Super Bowl week, they got an idea. Using social media as the primary distribution vehicle, students created various promotional pieces to get the Late Night host's attention, including a flash-mob style dance, a "Where's Jimmy?" riddle contest, a "Thank You" note campaign, and a video of Blue II giving a tiny replica of Fallon a ride around campus on his back. Jimmy heard us. Check out the results!

Way to go students, and a special thanks goes out to all of the resident assistants, members of the band, student government association, Hink mascot, Blue II and Schwitzer Hall residents for your help!

Jimmy Fallon and Friends at Clowes

Jimmy Fallon heard Butler students were excited about his trip to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, and he's stopping by Clowes Memorial Hall! Students were quick to get tickets to the "Jimmy Fallon and Friends" show. Watch the video!

Jimmy Student Tickets

Free tickets for "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" downtown at the Hilbert Circle Theater are now available for Butler University students, courtesy of NBC and Jimmy Fallon! Check your student email for Butler's code and visit www.fallonstudenttickets.com to reserve yours today!

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Jimmy Fallon performed at Butler University in 2001. This February he returns to Indianapolis to broadcast "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" leading up to the Super Bowl. Butler students came together to bring #JimmyBackToButler with these killer dance moves in the spirit of the "Late Night Jimmy Fallon Dance Challenge" and "Battle of the Instant Dance Crew!"

Where's Jimmy?

Thanks for answering the daily "Where's Jimmy" riddles on Facebook! We didn't know IF Jimmy would come to campus or WHAT he might do if he did, but true Fallon fans enjoyed playing just for fun! Clues listed below.

Friday's Riddle:

Though Jimmy's no basketball star, this is his favorite Butler hangout by far. Where is Jimmy?

Jimmy Clue 5

Answer on Twitter using the hashtag, #JimmyBackToButler.

Thursday's Riddle:

This is one place you don't want to play a prank-o, unless you want to deal with the man himself, Prez Danko. Where is Jimmy?

Jimmy Clue 4

Answer on Twitter using the hashtag, #JimmyBackToButler.

Wednesday's Riddle:

Jimmy wanted to update his look, buy a shirt, a hat, maybe even read a book. Where is Jimmy?

Jimmy Clue 3

Answer on Twitter using the hashtag, #JimmyBackToButler.

Tuesday's Riddle:

When Jimmy visits campus, he wants to make a good "impression," so he headed down here to learn a few good lessons. Where is Jimmy?

 Jimmy Clue 2

Answer on Twitter using the hashtag, #JimmyBackToButler.

Monday's Riddle:

A perfect place for you and Jimmy to meet, especially if you want to grab something sweet! Where is Jimmy?

 Jimmy Clue 1

Answer on Twitter using the hashtag, #JimmyBackToButler.

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