Information Technology

Work from Anywhere

Work from Anywhere offers faculty and staff a middle ground between the power of a desktop computer and the mobility of a laptop. You can access the Butler network securely when not at your desk, whether on campus or off.

Utilizing a Windows 7 based computer housed in the Butler data center, you can access the Butler network and BUfiles from a multitude of devices. Your computing experience will be similar to the experience of using a computer that sits on your desk; however, your desktop will not carry over from your device. IT recommends storing all files on BUfiles for ease of access with Work from Anywhere.

Why Use Work from Anywhere?

  • Mobility - Work from anywhere that has an internet connection, just like you were at your desk
  • Access - Use all your data stored on BUfiles from anywhere
  • Security - Your Work from Anywhere connection stays on the secured Butler network, regardless of where or how you connect

How do I Access Work from Anywhere?

Follow the  Windows or Mac device, iPad, or select Android Tablet instructions to learn how to install an app on a mobile or home device and access your BUanywhere computer anywhere you have an internet connection.