Information Technology

Get Connected to the Butler Network

Use these instructions or the Connect to BU Secure Wireless flyer to connect your devices to the Butler Network.

Unless you are a guest or are connecting a gaming/streaming device, you must use the BU Secure Wireless network. BU Guest/Open Wireless is not encrypted and does not allow access to many Butler computing resources (including printing and BUfiles). Guests should connect to BU Guest/Open Wireless.

Prepare your Device

In order to connect to the network, you must have the following:

  1. Automatic updates enabled - Help with Mac automatic updates or Windows auto updates
  2. Firewall enabled - Help with Mac firewall or Windows firewall
  3. Functioning and updated antivirus software - FREE antivirus software

Select your Device

You must be ON CAMPUS to complete these steps.

Mac Laptop & Desktop

Google Chromebook

Windows (PC)

Smartphones and Tablets

Game & Streaming Devices

Note: Chromecast and Apple TV will not function or fully function on the Butler network. More information is available here