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Student Health Insurance 2014-2015

Questions specifically about the student health insurance waiver process and/or health insurance billing/claims should be directed to: (317) 940-8728  or

Why does the University require students to possess health insurance?

It has been a long-standing policy of the University to require that students possess health insurance. This policy protects a family's investment should unexpected medical issues arise. We also know that people seek health care at earlier stages when they possess insurance. Early assessment and treatment is particularly important to help curb the sharing of illnesses in a highly residential environment such as our campus.

  • Full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates are required to possess health insurance comparable to the University sponsored plan.
  • International undergraduates will be automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored plan (with the exception of those participating in ISEP).

How can I waive or enroll in the Butler sponsored plan?

The method we use to collect full-time undergraduates' health insurance information is completed annually for all new and returning students. Starting in May, instructions and reminders are sent via students' University e-mail accounts. If students have existing health insurance one simply enters the information and the process is completed. If students want to voluntarily enroll in the University-sponsored program they may do so at that time with the annual charge appearing on their university billing statement.

Students who take no action will be automatically enrolled in and billed for the University-sponsored plan. Even after the charge has been posted, but before established deadlines, the charge may be removed by visiting the waiver web site. Once a waiver is submitted, it can take a week for the charge to be removed from one's account.

During the waiver period, students may access the waiver site to complete and submit your Waiver Request or to voluntarily enroll in the plan.

2014-2015 Deadlines

Fall Semester

Mid-May Online waiver process begins
Those who waive in advance of July  will avoid having the charge placed on their student account
July billing Will show insurance charge applied for all students who did not complete the online waiver, for those who voluntarily elected the coverage, and for international students required to utilize this plan.

August 27

First day of classes

Initial deadline to complete online waiver process


Spring Semester

January 5 Online waiver begins for spring semester new students
January 31 Initial deadline to complete online waiver process

What are the details of the Butler sponsored plan?


There are no significant changes from the prior year except that coverage has expanded to be compliant with health care reform mandates. The sponsored policy is with United Healthcare and it provides our students access to a wide national network of providers and facilities. Under this policy, when students utilize Butler's Health Services on campus, the deductible is waived and covered services such as physician visits, in-house lab tests, and immunizations are generally covered at 100%. For those who study or live abroad, medical evacuation and repatriation is covered. It is worth comparing existing coverage to this option, especially if your current plan is an out-of-state plan, HMO, or POS.

The annual premium for the 2014-2015 academic year plan is $1,131.  The increase from the prior year is due to required changes for student health insurance plans as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

View the 2013-14 Plan Brochure

Students and families seeking assistance with claims occurring in the 2012-13 policy year may contact us:  (317) 940-8728 or