Butler/IPS Partnerships

Partnership Programs

Writing in the Schools

WITS teachers

A cooperative project involving the Butler University Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program and the Indianapolis Public Schools' Shortridge Magnet High School for Law and Public Policy.  This community outreach initiative seeks to help Shortridge students develop as writers and cultivate a passion for the written word.  Read more about Writing in the Schools on their blog and at the SMHS electronic magazine.





Theatre Service Learning in Schools

During Fall 2012, students enrolled in the Department of Theatre's Service Learning course are conducting a Drama Club activity with middle school students at Shortridge Magnet High School.  The club meets Mondays after school from 2:35 - 5:00 p.m.  The main focus of the club is to introduce the middle schoolers to the fundamentals of acting through theatre games and exercises, and the preparation of monologues and brief scenes.  The culmination of the semester's work is a planned public performance in early December.  The Butler students are wholly responsible for the organization, content, and functioning of the drama club.

To learn more about theatre at Butler University, please visit their website.

Service Learning in Spanish

This program in the SP 320 course, serving both middle and high school students at Shortridge Magnet High School, seeks to provide academic support to English as a Second Language (ESL) Latino students who struggle in different subject areas.  Interaction is in a one-on-one or in a group instruction setting.  Students in SP 320 have to complete 24 service hours throughout the semester.  Because these ESL students are delaying with academic and socio-cultural issues, Butler students serve both as tutor and mentor.  All students have the chance to frame their experience in a meaningful way: the learning reciprocity involved in these interactions allows both sides to reflect on instructional, personal, and cultural issues.

Butler students typically tutor in their area of expertise (e.g., math or science), and are paired with a Shortridge student who struggles in that same area, giving both parties the chance of better performance.  The Shortridge ESL teacher provides assistance to the program, and is an important liaison in the partnership, making the transition easier for both Shortridge and Butler students.

In addition to tutoring, Butler students also have the opportunity to participate as translators in teacher/parent conferences, family nights, and after school activities.

For more information, please visit the Spanish Service Learning  website.