Butler/IPS Partnerships

Partnership Activities

Partnership Highlights for 2011-2012

  • The Indianapolis Public Schools/Butler University Laboratory School opened Aug. 8 with 96 students in kindergarten and first grade.
  • Butler received major gifts from PNC Financial and the Roberts Family Foundation, to support preschool programming at Lab School provided by St. Mary's Child Center. Thirty-one children attend preschool the first year.
  • Six Butler courses were taught onsite at Lab School, giving 103 University students opportunities to observe best teaching practices and apply their learning within classrooms.
  • Lab School students created napkin rings given to dignitaries attending the inauguration of Butler President James Danko.
  • Butler College of Education hosted Louise Cadwell, nationally recognized expert in Reggio Emilia early childhood education, for extended fall and spring seminars with Lab School faculty and COE. Some of those educators, along with Butler students, travelled to a Reggio-inspired school in Oregon in March to work with Cadwell.
  • Lab School students toured Butler's Clowes Memorial Hall to research a class unit on theatre. Later, they built their own stage and produced a puppet show for family
  • Butler alumna Maribeth Fischer donated 208 children's books to the Lab School, during a Dr. Seuss birthday party thrown by her Pi Beta Phi sisters.
  • Students in a Butler course on educational leadership won grants from Dow and the National Gardening Association to develop an Edible Schoolyard project at Lab School, included a vegetable garden and three chickens.