Butler/IPS Partnerships

What ECP Students Receive

Admitted students and their parents/guardians meet with Butler representatives in May to review program expectations and goals.

IPS provides transportation to and from the Butler campus during the semester of enrollment.

Students receive a special Butler University Early College ID and have access to Butler email, as well as access to the campus library, computer labs and lounge areas.

Students receive mid-term grade reports from faculty and Learning Resource Center staff to provide feedback on progress.

Grades are officially recorded, and students have an official Butler University transcript upon completion of the program.

Additionally, participants receive:

  • One 3-4 hour Butler academic course per term.
  • Two 1 hour courses specifically designed for junior-level ECP students in college prep topics.
  • On-campus orientation to the program and Butler campus and resources.
  • One-on-one advising with Learning Resource Center staff.
  • Peer mentor lunches on campus with Butler students.
  • Enrichment opportunities such as the Celebration of Diversity Distinguished Lecture Series.