Programs for Leadership and Service Education


Travel can be a "risky" decision with concerns for safety and liability for everyone involved. You are highly encouraged to set up a time to meet time a Programs for Leadership and Service Education staff member to discuss the details of your trip to define and manage those risks accordingly. If you are traveling as an organization or in representation of your organization, please consider the following information.

When should you evaluate travel?

  • sponsored by the University and organization
  • funded by the University, and the travel is undertaken using a vehicle owned or leased by the University; OR
  • required by a student organization registered at the University.

Butler University Driving Policy

On occasion, a Butler student, in the performance of his/her student organization duties or university events, might find it necessary to drive a university-owned/leased/rented/or vehicle. If driving a personal vehicle, refer to the last paragraph in this section. The following policy exists to ensure that only those individuals with acceptable driving records are permitted to drive for a sponsored function.

In order to drive a university-owned/leased/rented van the following requirements must be followed:
must be at least 22 years of age.

  • must have a minimum of 6 years driving experience.
  • must also participate in the Driver Safety Program through the Butler Police Department.
  • must submit a copy of his/her current driver's license, along with a signed "Request for Driving Privileges" Form with the approval of the Director of Programs for Leadership and Service Education, to the Office of Operations, two weeks prior to the driving event.

Upon approval, the student requesting permission to drive will be allowed to drive, and will remain on the approved driver's list for one year, or until October 1, whichever period is shorter.

Any person who does not complete any of the above requirements or drives their personal vehicles will accept responsibility and financial liability, independent of the university, of any accidents that occur while driving a university owned/rented/leased or personal vehicle thereafter.

Driving Personal Vehicles

  • Very cost effective, however liability issues can be a primary concern.
  • Each vehicle needs to have appropriate insurance.
  • Drivers, by choosing to drive, assume responsibility for the safety of those traveling in their vehicle.
  • Passengers traveling in private vehicles understand that they do at their own risk.

Renting Cars, Vans or Busses