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Space Reservation

Students may now reserve on campus space (including tables) online.  This online process has replaced Student Organization Event Registration Requests (blue forms).   Reservation and programming policies still apply to all online bookings.

Policies can be found in the student handbook.  Student organizations planning events that include food, late night hours (after 11pm), alcohol, security, and road closures should consult the handbook.

The PuLSE office (AU 101), office Greek Life (AU 312), and Conferences and Special Events (JH 018) are all resources for campus events and program planning.  Student organizations are encouraged to contact these offices with questions, concerns, and clarification for event planning and policies.


Accessing Virtual EMS (online booking system)

There are two ways to access Virtual EMS:

Steps for Reserving Space

  1. Under Reservations, choose Student Org Event Request or Greek Life Event Request
  2. On the left pane in Where & When, enter date, time, and room
  3. On Details tab, enter information for the event and submit reservation

The submitted request will then be approved or denied by either the PuLSE office or, in the case of Greek Life events, by the Greek Life staff.  If approved, a final confirmation from Conferences and Special Events will be emailed to the requestor.  

Organizations that select catering or BUPD services must make arrangements with those areas.

Requests may be viewed online to check the status, add resources, or make date and time changes.  It is the organization's responsibility to cancel the reservation if the event will not take place.


What to Know About Reserving Space

  • Rooms are not officially booked until the student receives a confirmation email from Conferences & Special Events.
  • Recognized student organizations reserving tables must accompany off-campus businesses and/or representatives while they are on campus.  This includes remaining with them at tables while they are promoting their business. Outside groups that wish to solicit on campus are restricted to tables on either side of Atherton dining center and Starbucks patio.
  • For road closures of public roads, fill out a City of Indianapolis permit request.
  • For closure of a road internal to campus, contact BUPD.
  • Some requests may be denied based on the organization's standing with the University or the type of activity proposed.
  • No events will be scheduled the Friday prior to or during designated University extended breaks.
  • A fee may be charged to organizations or individuals for services which include, but are not limited to, overtime, set-up, staffing or failure to cancel an event within 24 hours of the event.