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Going Green: Tips for student organizations



  • Go paperless: eliminate the need for paper agendas and minutes by sending them electronically.
  • If handouts are necessary, print on both sides of the paper.
  • Use scratch paper!  There is always plenty lying around the printers (then recycle it when it is no longer needed).
  • After the meeting is over, make sure lights are turned off in the room and computer equipment is properly logged off or shut down.  Turn monitors off.
  • Take a reusable water bottle to meetings, so plastic disposable bottles are not used. Bring travel coffee mugs if hot beverages are to be served.


  • Limit the use of disposable cups, plates, and napkins.  Use washable dinnerware if possible.
  • Resist serving individually packaged food items and soda.  These items create more waste.
  • Reduce the amount of meat on your menu or go meatless.
  • Reuse or borrow decorations instead of buying new.
  • Make sure recycle bins are visible and accessible.
  • Avoid "junk" giveaways.  Consider the usefulness and packaging of giveaways.
  • Consider giving away experiences instead of things.
  • Break the t-shirt addiction! Do students really need another t-shirt?
  • Buy recycled, organic, and fair trade items when possible.
  • Walk, bike, or carpool to events.
  • Don't use styrofoam.


  • Carpool or use public transportation.
  • Reuse towels at hotels.
  • Eat at restaurants instead of getting food to-go (less wasteful packaging).
  • Take a refillable water bottle.
  • Fly direct whenever possible (less fuel used for take-offs and landings).